The Bhutanese name for Bhutan, Druk Yul, means “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and it only began to open up to outsiders in the 1970s.Bhutan is Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India, the small Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan opened itself to the outside world only in 1960s. Hithertho, it had been largely mysterious even to its neighbors but abandoning its self-imposed policy of isolation had it grappling to find a precarious balance between modernization and the preservation of its culture and traditions. Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia, and the eighth in the world, despite widespread poverty and illiteracy.


Bhutan observes Bhutan Time all year. There are no Daylight Saving Time clock changes.

Bhutan Time (BTT) is the time zone of Bhutan. It is +6:00 hrs ahead of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC+6).[1] Bhutan does not observe any Daylight saving time.


March to May is spring 

June to August is summer

September to November is Autumn

 December to February is winter.


Bhutan has a rich culture that has remained intact because of its self-imposed isolation from the rest of the world until five decades ago. Dzongkha, meaning the language of the fort, is the national language of Bhutan. Small though it is, Bhutan has a rich variety of culture.


Bhutan consists of 20 dzongkhags or districts, which can roughly be divided into Western, Central and Eastern Bhutan.



  1. Rinpung Dzong, Paro

                        Rinpung Dzong is one among the best tourist places to visit in Bhutan and a classic example of Bhutanese architecture and deep rooted traditions. Rinpung Dzong is a beautiful dzong (fort), with towering walls, built in the 16th century. Known as the Fortress on a Heap of Jewels,

  1. Chele La Pass, Paro

Located at an altitude of about 3,989 meters, Chele La pass is among the popular places to see in Bhutan. The magnificent pass is en-route the Haa Valley in Paro. On a nice and clear day, you can experience the Jomolhari mountain from here and the adjacent peaks from the northwest side and can view the valleys of Haa and Paro as well.

  1. Punakha Dzong

Among the popular tourist places to visit in Bhutan, the dzong speaks volumes about the beautiful stories and traditions of the Buddhist culture. Do not miss this in your Bhutan sightseeing tour. Punakha is the winter capital of this country and the head clergy of Bhutan spends the winter in this popular Dzong.

  1. Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu

There are small temples and the various paintings that adorn the walls that are made of cement and rock. Buddha dordenma is the largest statue and it’s 52.5 meters tall and made of bronze. Inside this figure, there are 125,000 small figurines of the same. There are 25,000 and 12 inches ones and 100,000 8 inches one.

  1. Dochula Pass

The beautifully built temple and stupas, with the picturesque Gangkar Puensum peak in the background, makes the Dochula Pass one of the best tourist places to visit in Bhutan. Dochula pass is situated at on the way to Punakha and Thimpu.

  1. Tiger’s Nest, Paro

Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Monastery is one of the most popular Bhutan tourist places in Paro, known for the beautiful and the sacred monastery of guru Rinpoche. It is considered as a place of pilgrimage and is an easy half trek, which gives you the panoramic views of the Paro valleys.

  1. Phobjikha Valley, Phobjikha

Phobjikha is a small town in the central part of Bhutan(The Land of Thunderbolt). Like many other beautiful places to see in Bhutan, Phobjikha is bestowed with valleys and is surrounded by mountains and lush greenery making it one of the top Bhutan attractions. The place is known for its beautiful landscapes and passes and a day’s hike will take you through the town and the woods.

  1. Chomolhari

Chomolhari is among the popular Bhutan tourist spots, most popular for the its treks. Chomolhari trek, starting at Paro, is one of the most challenging treks of Bhutan. With the altitude going about 5,000 meters, it is enchanting and rewards the trekkers with blissful views after a difficult trek.

  1. Norzin Lam Street, Thimphu

The capital city is probably the most popular choice for shopaholics. The main street of Norzin Lam is filled with shops selling various items – souvenirs, woolen clothes, crafts, and the local wine. Although slightly expensive, some things are worth buying there if you’re not going further till Bumthang.

  1. Main Street, Paro

The main street of Paro, stretching across two lanes, is known for its antique Buddhist souvenirs and prayer related materials. Some of the unique souvenirs can be shopped here. Have a walk on this Main street of Paro for admiring the numerous shops and the mountain ahead. If you are a tourist then you must buy something as the souvenir, then you will get every necessary thing for the same purpose only.

  1. Tashichho Dzong, Thimphu

Some of the central monastic bodies and some people from the ministry live here and this is the summer residence of the monks too. If you have a plan to visit this place then try not to miss the 5 pm changing of the flag, as it’s very important to watch and it begins in the courtyard and ends outside in the front.

  1. Drukgyel Dzong, Paro

This is one of the famous Dzong in the country and regarded as the largest landmark of Thimphu. The dzong is situated two kilometers away from the actual town and holds huge importance as it is the main secretariat and its houses are the office of the throne room and the King as well.

  1. Motithang Takin Preserve, Thimphu

The Takins live around the 8.4 acres from the rainforest and the Bhutan government is taking good care of them by preserving the species and they do not keep the animals in a zoo bcause they beelieve in non-confinement of animals in a Buddhist country


  • Bhutan: The Ultimate Pilgrimage Destination in the Himalayas
  • Taktsang Monastery: Enlighten your soul the way the great sage did in 8thcentury
  • Tashichho Dzong: Home to 30 shrines that are brimming with spirituality
  • Punakha Dzong: A tourism place whose future was predicted by the divine sage Padmasambhava
  • Chimi Lhakhang: Hear tales of a “Mad Saint” who had his own eccentric way of teaching Buddhism
  • Changangkha Lhakhang: A temple making wishes come true of doting parents
  • Buddha Dordenma: Bow your head to the huge Buddha statue and 1,25,000 miniatures of the same
  • Dechen Phodrang Monastery: An attraction which covers everything from museum to temple in its realms
  • Gangtey Monastery: A popular centre of Buddhism and a meditation retreat in the Kingdom
  • Rinpung Dzong: An all in one Dzong which wins praises for its intricate architecture
  • Trashigang Dzong: Winsome setting and seeping spirituality is the key to winning hearts



Punakha Drubchen, Punakha| Gomphu Kora Festival, Trashigang| Paro Tshechu, Paro| Sakteng Festival, Sakteng| Haa Summer Festival, Haa | Merak Tshechu, Merak Valley

Matsutake Festival, Bumthang |Wangdue Phodrang Tshechu, Wangdue Phodrang

Thimphu Tshechu, Thimphu| Jambay Lhakhang Drup, Bumthang



Lying at the eastern end of the Himalayas, the ‘Kingdom of Bhutan’ is the perfect abode if you are looking for peace and fresh air. The religious belief, landscape, weather and cusine that you’ll love to visit atleast once in life time a place of peace maker.


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